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Tutorteam specialises in teaching

children from Preschool - Year 6

We cater to students of all levels: those who excel at school and want further challenges as well as those who need extra support to keep up with classroom learning.​ We offer one-hour lessons in your home:

  • One-to-one lessons

  • Siblings back-to-back (discount for both students)

  • *Peer group of two (lower hourly rate)

  • *Peer group of three (lowest hourly rate)

Email us now for more information and for our fees.

*A peer group is a group of 2 to 3 students that you arrange, most probably children who are friends at school. Peer groups generally switch homes each week; our tutors will come to whichever home you choose!


Lesson content:

All lessons are based, first and foremost, on your child's current level. Our goal as tutors is to assess a child's abilities and current knowledge then plan lessons accordingly.


Lessons  will test and consolidate current learning and lead children to the next level. We work at the pace of the individual child and will not rush them through, especially when discovering new concepts. We will revisit new learning regularly to ensure that strategies and understanding are being maintained over time.


We will ask regularly about what your child is studying at school so that our lessons support classroom learning and follow the school's programme as well as the curriculum outcomes. We're very happy to work with classroom teachers' guidelines and requests.

Teaching style:


The first thing tutors will do is get to know your child and help them to feel comfortable in a tutoring situation. For some this happens almost immediately, for others it takes time.


Tutors will be encouraging and positive with your child. We will also be honest about areas that need more attention and encourage students to focus on these areas.

We aim always to teach planning and decision-making strategies as a foundation for knowledge. This will set your child up for all future study - they're never too young to begin "learning how to learn".


We will use concrete materials, games, practical play and problem-solving as well as workbooks and text books. You may be asked to purchase recommended texts.

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