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When you contact us, we'll answer all your questions and assist you to find a regular lesson time that suits you and your child.

We ask you to pay for the first lesson in advance, as a deposit. Payments are made online via direct debit or Paypal. You will find details on your invoice.

After the first lesson, your term's booking is finalised when we receive the full term's payment. There is no refund of the deposit if you decide not to continue after the first lesson.

We appreciate as much notice as possible of potential absences.

*If you give notice of an upcoming absence before the term invoice is issued, you will not be charged for that week.

*If your child is ill and has not attended school that day and you let us know by 12.00, or if the tutor is ill, your lesson will be rescheduled for the first week of the school holidays or credited to the following term. Keep in mind that tutors would much rather miss one lesson with a sick child than several lessons when they pick up your child's bug.

*There are no refunds for any reason other than illness.

*Tutors are unable to reschedule a lesson to a different time if you are not available.

*Withdrawal mid-term cannot be refunded except in exceptional circumstances. Two weeks' notice is required if a student is not returning the following term. If withdrawal is after the term's invoice due date, any credits owing cannot be refunded.

When do I book lessons and pay?

At Tutorteam, we consider a child's emotional wellbeing as well as their intellectual ability when we teach. If a child wants to be at tutoring and enjoys themselves, you'll see better results than if they come because "Mum/Dad made me".


Our tutors take time to get to know your child and find out what makes them tick. Every lesson is tailored to the individual student. Each lesson focuses on the child's personality, learning style, interests and strengths.

And we build confidence! Students are encouraged to assess their own work and effort, and teachers give positive as well as honest feedback.

Why Tutorteam?
What areas do Tutorteam tutors come to?

Our students live anywhere in the north and west of Sydney: currently our focus is on the North Shore and North Parramatta regions but we also have students in the Mosman, Ryde and Hunter's Hill and Windsor areas. A travel surcharge may apply. To find out if we can service your area, please contact Tutorteam for more information.

We will make every effort to give you the same time slot each term for the year but this may not always be possible. If you need to change your lesson time, give us as much notice as possible.

Can I have the same time slot every term?

Use the link on this website to send us an email. We'll get back to you shortly. If you have your child's school term timetable handy, we can then plan a first lesson.

How do I schedule my child's first lesson?

Tutors are happy to assist students with school homework if requested to by parents. We will use this time as a teaching/revision opportunity.

We will sometimes (but not always) set a small amount of homework to aid revision, for students in Years 3 to 6. We understand that your children already have school homework to do and that your lives are very busy!  Homework will always involve either completing lesson work or revising current learning: your child should be able to do it with minimal assistance from parents.

What about homework?
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